Python Introduction

Python Introduction

One of the prominent programming languages is python. In 1991, Guido van Rossum created it. It is utilized for various purposes such as

  • Software development,
  • Web development to the server-side,
  • System scripting,
  • Mathematics.

What things can python do?

  • It can be utilized alongside programming to design workflows.
  • It can be utilized on a server for creating applications for the web.
  • It can connect to the systems of the database. You can simply modify and read files.
  • It is utilized in handling large data and can-do difficult mathematics.

Why do you need to learn python?

Python is extensible and highly flexible:

It is highly extensible and flexible. This python flexibility enables you to do cross-language functions without any hurry. You can integrate it with .net and java components. However, you can utilize python for invoking libraries of c/c++. Also, most of the modern platforms such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, and windows, etc.

It makes web development a breeze:

Another main reason to learn python is that it makes the process of web development simple. It comes with different types of web development frameworks like turbogears, pyramid, bottle, Django, hug, falcon, sanic, and flask, etc.

These frameworks are guiding the developer to write a code that is faster and stable. They can automate the implementation of the common solution. They do this by decreasing the time of development. This allows the developers to concentrate on many elements that are critical such as logic application. The frameworks of python can also do tasks of web scraping.

It comes with many testing frameworks:

When you think of doing testing or validating the items or ideas, this language is the thing to use. It consists of various frameworks that are built-in and help in speeding up workflows as well as debugging. It supports two of them that is cross-browser testing and cross platforms such as robot and pytest. There are other frameworks of testing such as lettuce, behave, and unittest.

It is good for scripting:

This is the language that is used for scripting. This highlight sets the language of scripting from languages of programming is that scripting language doesn’t need any compilation. You can interpret them directly. In this language, you can write the lines of code in the script form and execute it directly.

The machine is going to read as well as interpret your code. It can also do error checking during runtime. When code is error-free, you can utilize it many times.

It is backed by an active community:

Python is the programming language that is a well-knit community and dynamic which relies on it. In the scenario case of data science issues and coding-related problems, you can always take the guidance and necessary help from the community of python. 

This programming language is always ready to help individuals. As this is an open-source language, all the day fresh progress is made in the community of python. Here the coders and developers contribute to enriching the language by growing new libraries and tools.

Thus, these are some of the reasons which show you why you need to learn the python programming language.

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