HTML Basic Tags

HTML Basic Tags

Hyper Text Markup Language can be learned easily for creating webpages. The beginners can learn a lot from this specific article. For writers and editors many of the basic HTML tags are used. If you are a writer who is a freelancer then you can submit the articles on an HTML-designed webpage, WordPress, or content management system. It will also be helpful for the writers to learn the fundamentals of HTML. Here we are going to discuss here HTML tags.

Header tags –

Search engine optimization is needed for various guests to find your article through google results. The header tags are significant text in an article and the search engine guide the page content and search outcomes. The article title is enclosed with tags of <h1> then comes <h2>, <h3> and <h4>. Before using in your article, you have to connect with your editor that what headers and subheaders they are going to use in the article while editing. Lets see some examples which shows header tags.

<h1>article title</h1>

<p>introduction paragraph comes here</p>


<p>text paragraph</p>

<h3>other subheading</h3>

<p>a text paragraph</p>

HREF tags –

The links are the one which keeps the world wide web to run in a smooth way. This is to make the visitors move from one site to another. The HTML links are designed through the tags of <href>. Let's see an example that how you can link using href tag.

<a href="http://www.URL.com">Linked Text Here</a>

Here you need to begin with the tag of <href> tag with the letter ‘a.’ There is an URL present within the quotes is the place where the visitor is going to visit. The text is present as linked text here in a simple way so that people can understand that it will take them to the needed page. Now you need to close the tag using </a>. if you don’t use the close tag the remaining page appears with the link.

Image tags –

In a written article, it is good to have an image icon. So that you can insert an image. But in an article, there is not format to insert the article. But using HTML code you can use image using <img> tag. You can put every kind of parameter for formatting your images and guide using SEO. The <img> tag is the rare tag you need a tag that is closing. Lets see an example.

<img style="margin: 20px; float: right;" alt="keyword" src="images/path/image-name.jpg" width="600" height="450" />

The attribute of margin enable space pf 20px around the images. This makes the text not bump into it. The attribute of the float makes the images to be aligned right or left. The alt attribute is for search engine optimization so that you use better keywords. The image is stored in src.

Thus, these are some of the HTML tags which should be known to

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