6 Tips to Consider for Becoming a Best Java Developer

6 Tips to Consider for Becoming a Best Java Developer 

Is it your dream to work as a java programmer? But you don’t where to begin and what to start learning about java. If the one who wants to learn java programming understands what to learn and which field to work on then they can turn into a professional java developer. The one who is the best java programmer all the time is the best java developer. For enhancing your skills in java programming and to become a java developer, follow these tips mentioned below.

Tips to follow for becoming a better Java developer

1.  Learn cloud and microservices:

Most of the companies are attempting to use microservices. So, it is the best option for java programmers to learn about microservice architecture. If you are searching for a course on microservices then master microservices with spring boot and spring cloud is the better choice.

You can even read books that can explain to you about cloud and microservices. If you learn about the cloud, you can easily create different applications related to cloud services.

2. Learn java APIs and libraries:

The world's most prominent programming language is java. It has various types of libraries as well as Java APIs which you have to learn about. It is not at all necessary to understand all of the Java APIs and libraries. Just try knowing about important APIs such as JSON processing APIs such as Gson and Jackson etc.

You can also learn regarding unit testing libraries such as jUnit and Mokito etc. From the available guides on the web, you can learn about the libraries from important fields such as bytecode manipulation, parsing, collections, and concurrency, etc.

3. Learn design patterns and coding better practices:

When you write the java application from total scratch, you are going to write in object-oriented programming and design patterns. They are even tested for the common problem’s solutions. You can create your application simple and flexible if you incorporate these two things in the code. The entire documentation and quality of the code become better if you use them during the creation of the java application.

Many of the developers of java are familiar with different design patterns so they find it easy to use them during coding. Try not to concentrate only on code but be creative too. To become familiar with design patterns, you can even learn some design pattern courses.

4. Learn DevOps:

The modern Java developer needs to understand DevOps. You need to be familiar with the continuous deployment and integration. It is even more essential to learn DevOps for the senior java developers. You can find some courses online on DevOps and find some books to learn about it. In the Udemy platform, you can get the right courses to learn about DevOps.

5. Learn unit testing:

Based on his or her unit testing expertise, a person can be categorized as a professional java developer and an average Java developer. The expert java developer is claimed to write the code with unit tests. You can learn that someone is an expert from the unit tests he or she writes in a code. There are various tools related to unit testing such as automation testing and integration testing. You can put some of your time aside to learn about unit testing from different courses available online.

6. Learn Dev tools and IDEs:

Every professional java developer knows his or her tools being used in the code. The IDEs like NetBeans, Eclipse, and other best IDEs are important to learn if you are a java developer. It is always best to spend some of your time learning about these IDEs and also Dev tools.

Thus, these are 6 tips to consider for becoming the best java developer.

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