Top Google AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense Alternative

First of all, I myself not recommend you to leave AdSense and choose other Ad Network because AdSense is very much reliable than other Ad network but considering the fact that not everyone is getting AdSense approval we are creating an article for you guys that how you can find Google Adsense Alternative or the best Adsense Alternative

If you don't have Adsense approval or you want Approval for Google Adsense then please check our blog that will help you ( Blogger Adsense Approval ) if still, you don't get AdSense approval then you can consider these site to help your Blog Monetization

Google AdSense Alternative

Why you need to consider other Ad networks?

if you are posting content that is not compatible with AdSense privacy policy or your AdSense account is block because of some reason or you want to earn more money along with AdSense then you can consider this article for your suggestion because I will list some of the most popular ad networks that are also compatible with AdSense.

But remember before going for an Ad network you must go with privacy policy and their website because privacy policy is changing and it's not in my hand guys so please make sure before applying for an ad network you must read their terms and condition.

What can be the disadvantage of other Ad networks?

Sometimes other ad networks may publish some kind of ad that will not be compatible with Google Adsense in that case It will be dangerous for your google AdSense account as well as your website reputation and will down your website ranking in the google search engine.

Another reason is that sometimes that use script that is taking time to load in that case your website will take more time and It will affect your SEO.

Here is the Four Ad Network that you can consider

  1. Media .net: After Google Adsense Media .net is one of the best ad networks you can consider but it also comes with some terms and condition like if your traffic is not coming from the united state, Canada, Or Uk then there is no need to apply for that because you are not getting paid enough and before getting their approval you should have a good amount of content on your blog I would say around 15 to 17 blog of at least 500 to 800 words and at least 1000 pageview per month then there is a chance that you are getting ads approval from Media .net.
  2. Anthrive: After media .net you can consider Adthrive if you are getting 90% of your traffic from only the United state and it also comes with min page view per month AdThrive Ads are Family-friendly ads and also Adsense compatible.
  3. Sovern: Sovern is also a popular Ad network you can take in consider but sovern also come with some condition like you are not promoting Adult content, Alcohol, Malware, Hate Speech, Drugs, and any other illegal Activity if you are doing any sovern will not get you permission to display Ads Sovern also comes with min pageview per month so please check their website completely
  4. Infolinks: Infolinks is also a very smart ad network it will give ads using text links like you are writing content about bags and some companies who want to sell their bags will display Ads on your website over the text bag.

Tips To get Ad Approval Easy 😎

  1. Don't put Adult, Alcohol, or any other illegal content over the blog.
  2. Before applying at least have 15 to 17 Blog on the website
  3. Also, have pages like privacy policy, Contact Us, and About us.
  4. write a blog of at least 500 to 700 words.
  5. Have patience because good things take time.

I hope you like this article and learn new things from it and we hope that will help you in your life. Thank you very much for reading this blog completely.

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