How to Hire an Intern

How to Hire an Intern

This article How to hire an intern is dedicated to all the HR and small businesses that don't have many funds but need manpower to do their work the one best solution is to hire interns. Interns are basically the college student who is finding a new job opportunity to get experience in the field In this article, we are talking about how to hire an intern by different diffrent ways After reading this article you will know that how to hire an intern.

How to hire an intern

Who is the Intern and how they help you grow?

An intern is a person how is doing an internship to get exposure in the field they usually don't have much experience in the field but are willing to learn and can help you do your work so that you can focus on some other crucial work on the organization.

What is the budget we need to put for hiring an intern?

That totally depends on what type of work you are doing and how many hours you want them to spend on work and you are doing work in an office or work from home we are going to take some scenario when we talk about what budget best fit for the interns.
  1. Part-time and work from home: if your intern is doing Part-time and work from home then their stipend should range from 1000-5000 rupees per month this may be greater in some senario. but on average this is the case.
  2. Part-time and In-office: If your intern is doing part-time and In-office then their stipend should be 3000-7000 rs per month because there are some expenses they need to bear to come office and work it may be less or greater but I am talking about on average.
  3. Full-time and work from home: In this covid-19 situation when most of us in working from home the stipend should be range between 5000-10000 because that intern is doing work for almost 8 hours a day so it should be liable for at least 5000 rupees.
  4. Full-time and In-office: If your intern is working for full time and in the office then it should deserve 10000-15000 stipend some company may provide more then 15000 because it totally depends on work to work because a developer tends to earn more then a content writer or a data entry guy.
These figures I tell you is based on what most of the internship is providing in the market this can be high or low based on company situation as well as the working profile of the Intern.

What are the ways to hire an intern?

There are many ways you can hire an intern for your organization.

If you have LinkedIn or Facebook Account you can post there and create a job over there and your follower will get the notification and approach you to get an internship application over there.

If you have a website you can write a blog that you are hiring and then from there you also start getting an internship application their

The third way is to hire an intern is you can go to some specific website that helps the student to get an internship their you want a student base who want the internship you can also hire from them I will suggest you some website that helps you to hire Interns.
  1. Internshala: you can create an Employee account here and do the verification of the account then after you can able to post the internship here you need to post the field and title of internship along with duration and stipend provided by you at the internship that way you only get the application from only those student who is really interested in that internship and by that you can directly contact the person and schedule the interview.
  2. LetsIntern: LetsIntern is also a good website help you to hire intern but you can apply for only 2 internships with the free plan after that you need to upgrade your plan if you plan to create more then 2 internships. 
I hope you like this article How to Hire an Intern and helps you to make a decision on the intern hiring process and you get some of the valuable interns from this website please let me know in the comments what is your experience in intern hiring.

Thank you so much for reading the article on How to hire an intern.

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