Free Blogger AdSense Approval Templets

Best Blogger Adsense Approval Templets in 2021

In this article, we will talk about some of the best blogger Adsense Approval Template that will come with zero cost and help your website to get easy approval from Adsense. In the previous article, I told you about how to get Blogger Adsense approval for your blog.

Blogger AdSense Approval Templets

As you all know that we need to have a theme on bloggers witch decide the look and feel for our website so it is very much necessary to get a good theme which is fast because if you have a fast theme then their will a high chances that your website will get approved.

And After that, your website does not get approval we have some other option to explore But we advise you to stick with Adsense Click here to check Top Google Adsense Alternative

What are the characteristics of a good theme?

Here are some of the characteristics Of a Blogger theme that you can look at before selecting a theme for your blogger although you can update a new theme whenever you want this process is time-consuming so better you select once and stick to that Because It normally takes 5 to 6 hour to completely customize a Blogger Theam.
  1. A Theam doesn't take much time to load.
  2. It should be simple and easy to understand By user.
  3. it should have the Top Navigation Bar.
  4. It should have the Bottom Navigation Bar.
  5. It allowed you to Add New Custom Widgets.
  6. All the latest posts will be displayed On the front page.
  7. It gives some suggestions based on the Popular post of The post you Like.
  8. It should have a pagination facility.
  9. Don't Load Much CSS and JS for a server because this can take a long time to load.
Note: In that article, we will talk about Both Blogger AdSense Approval Templets Free as well as paid both are good template the choice is totally your what type of template you want for your blogger but initially I will recommend you not to invest money on the blogger template But to invest on other things like SEO and Marketing and later on you can switch your blogger template also.

Top 5 Free Blogger Adsense Approval Templets

All of the blog display here are totally responsive blog means you can visit these in mobile, Tablet, Laptop, or Pc any device are the best suit for them. And Adsense also gives early permission if your web page is mobile friendly and this will also help to increase your google ranking as this is also one of the ranking criteria.

1.Magazine Pro: Magazine Pro is a free yet premium Blogger template If your blog display information like daily new or article on latest and trending topic then this Magazine Pro is the best suite your blog Because it's them look and feel exactly meet what you want Check Demo or  Download Template Paid version is available but you can also download the free one.

Magazine free blogger template

2.Sylva: Sylva is also a good and fast blogger template that will help your Blogger Adsense Approval Easy If you own a technical blog or an informational blog then I will say Sylva is the best fit for your blog you can Check Demo or Download Template The paid version is also available but you can download the free one with footer credit.

Sylva free blogger template

3.Grace: Grace is also pretty much like Sylva the best fit for Information, Technical and yoga and exercise blog where you can update your audience daily look and feel for Grace is a little bit different from Sylva you can Check Demo or Download Template paid version is also available but you can avail the free version you just need to give them footer credit.

Grace free blogger template

4.Kelly: If you like a light theme for your blog then you should go by Kelly because this has a very light background and also a very fast loading speed that will definitely help your blogger Adsense approval you can Check Demo or Download Template paid version is also available for that blog but you can always go with Free version.

Kelly free blogger template

5.Director: if you are finding a template for your own portfolio like an online resue you can go with Director I am not recommending you for a blog post but For a portfolio, you can stick with that you can Check Demo or Download Template Paid version is also available but you can go by a free one.

Director free blogger template

Note: All these templates that are listed above all are free as well as a paid template in the free version you need to give footer credit to them but in the paid template, you need not give footer credit you can give your own blog. If you want to download free or paid that totally your choice both links are given to you when you click any Download Template option shown above.

Tip: In youtube, you can find many sources that will tell you how to remove footer credit from the free blogger templates you can also check that.

Thank you so much so reading this blog completely let me know in the comment which is your favorite Template and what are you using for your blog.

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