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How to install C++ 


Hi, welcome to the series of data structure and algorithm made easy First we need to download Dev C++ in our PC for this you can type in google search box dev c++ and click the first link or you can click here. and then you need to click the green button of Download and your program starts downloading.

After downloading the software you need to open it and then the app asks permission for open and then selects yes. And then choose your language mine is English so I select English.

How to install dev c++

And then click on I agree in License Agreement and wait for a moment I recommend you click on I Agree but if you want you can read License Agreement if you wanted to read It's totally your choice.

How to install dev c++

Then you will get another screen shown in the picture below all the checkbox should be checked as like the image is showing below then click on next as proceed.

How to install dev c++

Then you need to choose for a path where all the files of the program are to be installed we you do not choose any path it automatically installs in the default path after this click on Install button and your program is stared installing.

How to install c++ (dev c++)

And now your software is in the installing phase and this process will take some time so please be patient and after 2-3 minutes your software is ready to use in this process the software will extract all the library of  C++.

How to install c++ (dev c++)

After this step, your installation process is done And you need to click on finish, and checkbox should be remain checked so that after the finish it will automatically run dev C++. 

How to install c++ (dev c++)

Just after a click on the finish this type of window is showing to you as shown in the picture below in this step you should click on next and next and you are done.

How to install c++ (dev c++)

After all these setups you Dev C++ is ready to use and you enter in a GUI as shown below and if you want to run the program just click CTRL + N and now you can use the editor to write your C++ code.

How to install c++ (dev c++)

So now you are good to go and your setup for programming in C++ is ready now.

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